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Porterhouse Marketing

Rare Strategies, Well Done.

Digital and traditional marketing strategies that help small business succeed.

As a business owner, you know you need to grow to stay relevant. And you also want to do the craft you got into business for, not worry about your marketing. That’s where we come in.

Porterhouse Marketing is passionate about making business thrive. We are your partner in setting goals for growth, sales, and awareness and then creating strategies that get your business to that next level of success. Our principal, Sarah Porter, has devised marketing and growth strategies for almost 15 years with both small business and large, international companies. Her experienced perspective and laser focus on getting results is a powerful combination in achieving the marketing goals of Porterhouse’s clients.


Sarah Porter is the best there is.  She listens to your goals for building your business, creates strategies that are relevant, and she gets it done, on time!  My practice has doubled since I have partnered with her as my marketing strategist.

Dr. Summer Kleidosty, Owner, Floss Dental Boutique


We build marketing strategies for digital and traditional that are tailored to put you in front of your audience at the time of purchase intent. We put ourselves in your user’s shoes and develop content that leads to conversion. And we develop branded assets that portray your unique positioning in the marketplace.

Get in touch and let’s talk about the power of Porterhouse for your business.

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TEDx Talk by Sarah Porter – Why we say Never and how it limits our possibilities

We all say it: Never. But why? What makes us say we would Never do this or that? And what possibilities are limited by saying it? Through her own experience and looking at the power of language to shape perceptions and reality, Sarah Porter explores the two fundamental reasons we say Never – because we are afraid, or because we do not have enough information. This talk not only explores the reasons we say Never, but also how possibilities are limited by saying it. Recognizing when you or others say Never can help you to challenge that negative absolute and see what’s possible if you remove the barrier.

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