There is great pride in doing good work on behalf of our clients. Porterhouse was built on the mission of helping small business succeed and be smart with their marketing strategies and dollars to get the highest return on investment. But in the words of Levar Burton, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” We are thrilled to have some of our wonderful current and past clients speak on our behalf about their experiences working with Sarah Porter and Porterhouse Marketing.

“Sarah and her team at Porterhouse initially came on board to build Eye Care Professionals a new website, but it became very clear that there was a larger partnership we could have to benefit the practice. In addition to building us a beautiful and high-functioning website, Sarah audited all of our current media spend and marketing initiatives and provided us with a strategic and holistic strategy that was then executed. For the past several years, Porterhouse has functioned as Eye Care Professional’s agency of record and we couldn’t be more pleased. She comes to the table with data and rationale for marketing decisions, guides thoughtful creative for our various service lines, and keeps focused on achieving goals and ROI for the practice.”

“Working with Porterhouse has been a game changer for Battle Born Health! I give Sarah and her team 10 stars! Sarah is strategic and thoughtful in her marketing and content strategies and has helped significantly grow the presence of the practice. As our agency of record, Porterhouse overhauled our website, created and executed content and social strategies, and helped to develop and market new service lines and programs.  Sarah is very conscious about spending marketing budgets to work hard and be efficient. She listens to what I want in my business and does an amazing job of helping me show up as I want to be seen. She has a keen sense of how to market things at the right time and develops a game plan for how to make it happen. Sarah is an absolute expert in healthcare marketing for private practice and the best decision I have made in my business was to hire Porterhouse Marketing.”

“Porterhouse Marketing has been our agency of record for several years and I appreciate the partnership we have. When Sarah first came on board she audited all of our current media spend and marketing tactics and found many opportunities for improvement. Based on data and her knowledge of the market, Sarah overhauled our media strategy, directed all new creative, and amplified our digital marketing efforts. Sarah is constantly looking for opportunities that are a good fit for increased exposure of Matt Dion & Associates, and is just as good at turning things down that would not benefit my business. Since Porterhouse has come on board, our digital leads have dramatically improved and our media spend is much more effective and efficient, resulting in tremendous ROI.”

“Porterhouse Marketing was commissioned to redo the website for The Club at ArrowCreek. Not only did Sarah and her team create a beautiful and lead-generating website, she also created and executed SEO and SEM strategies that are providing incredible ROI for membership, weddings and events. Sarah is very knowledgeable about digital marketing and always quick to respond to requests. She is a great partner for me in all things digital for The Club.”

“I purchased John’s Spring in January of 2021, which at the time, had only word of mouth advertising. I was referred to Porterhouse Marketing and Sarah has gone above and beyond with every project. She built a top tier website, facilitated SEO to get my company in the top Google search slots, and assisted in a radio advertising strategy. Since April, I have had month over month growing sales with no sign of slowing down. Sarah takes genuine interest in her work and produces high quality results. She was patient (I am hard to get ahold of because the demanding business) and she explained the answers to all my questions. I highly recommend Porterhouse Marketing to any small business owner with marketing needs. I do not want to think where I would be right now without Porterhouse Marketing.”

“We brought Porterhouse in at a critical juncture when we needed to distinguish our three unique companies, but also unite them under the parent brand of HM Holloway. Sarah and her team helped us identify our messaging and positioning and created our comprehensive online presence. Additionally, Porterhouse overhauled all of our marketing and trade show materials to reflect our brand as a world class leader in agriculture and sustainability. Porterhouse acted as our all-inclusive marketing department and Sarah always focused efforts on achieving our vision for leadership in Holloway’s various industries, and reaching our goals for growth.”

“Working with Porterhouse has completely transformed our digital marketing. Sarah was a lifesaver when it came to needing a brand new website. She is a wealth of knowledge and works to not only understand her clients but also to educate. We have seen a tangible return with our shift in content and strategy and we owe that all to Porterhouse and their dedication to our project.”

“After working in the corporate insurance and healthcare world for 40 years, I finally decided to launch my own strategy and consulting practice. I quickly realized how much I’ve always relied on the ‘marketing department’ for all things brand and image. Then I met Sarah, and now I have my very own ‘virtual’ marketing department. Porterhouse Marketing guided me through a comprehensive social, digital and branding process, and I could not be happier with the results. Friends, prospects and clients have all commented on the quality of my new brand, and it’s a direct result of my partnership with Sarah and her team. ‘Like a Constant Horizon, the transformation journey never ends’, and I would highly recommend starting the journey with Porterhouse Marketing.”

“I started working with Porterhouse in 2017 after taking the advice from a friend who had been using their service for her company. My office had recently rebranded, and I had interviewed two other SEO companies prior to my meeting with Sarah. I was immediately impressed with her insightful questions about what my needs were, instead of listening to a standard sales pitch. After contracting with Porterhouse, the attention to detail continued. After a few months, our initial goals, which were clearly laid out together, had been met. I am now utilizing Sarah’s services for a more expanded strategic marketing role, and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

“I have worked with and known Sarah Porter since 2009. She started as our account representative and over time became leading account manager for us. We have been extremely impressed with Sarah over the years and we have followed her in her career advancements every step of the way to maintain the excellent care she’s given our account.  She has helped us with branding, logo design, conceptual big picture long-term goals as well as short term projections. She has been a valued asset for many years and we hope to continue that relationship in the future.”

Dr. Jennifer Janiga, Owner, Janiga MDs

“Sarah Porter is the best there is.  She listens to your goals for building your business, creates strategies that are relevant, and she gets it done, on time!  My practice has doubled since I have partnered with her as my marketing strategist. She is direct, focused and takes great pride in seeing you succeed.  When I started my practice I needed help finding and growing my patient base. Sarah excels at positioning and growth strategies and my business has benefited tremendously.  I can not speak highly enough about Sarah Porter and Porterhouse Marketing.”

Dr. Summer Kleidosty, Owner, Floss Dental Boutique

“Sarah and I began working together during her tenure as Lead of Account Services at her former digital agency. She brought abundant energy and a strategic, goal-oriented mindset to every project I managed for Renown Health. If Sarah was on it, it would be done. She communicates clearly, judiciously manages resources and effectively advocates for client needs. I enthusiastically recommended Sarah to join the board of The Discovery, and I’m thrilled to continue working with her as a fellow board member.”

“When putting together a marketing squad of ‘A’ players, Sarah Porter is someone you want on your team. She takes the necessary time to understand the challenges your organization faces and provides strategic go-to-market solutions that make a positive impact. I highly recommend her for your marketing needs.”

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