Marketing and Speaking Services

We work with clients to understand their marketing goals and how they want to grow their business. Based on their goals, we create marketing strategies and then ensure they are successfully executed. This allows the business owner to focus on what they do best, run their business, while we ensure all marketing is efficient, on-point, and showing results.

Additionally, Sarah provides guest speaking services and facilitates training workshops for businesses and organizations. She is an avid practitioner and trainer for Crucial Conversations and offers workshops on clear communications with internal and external stakeholders. She has also delivered keynotes at various marketing conferences and recently completed a TEDx talk for the University of Nevada, Reno.

Marketing Strategy

We develop goals and KPIs and then create tactics and priorities to achieve and exceed the desired results.

  • Goal Oriented – Creating marketing strategies that take businesses to that next level of growth

  • Research Led – Developing strategies that are informed by market, audience, and competition

  • Holistic – We develop the best multi-disciplinary marketing plan to meet your goals

Branding, Positioning & Messaging

We identify the key points of differentiation, what makes your business unique, and then create communication strategies to develop and showcase your brand.

  • Brand Development – Creating or strengthening the story of your business

  • Positioning and Messaging – Discovering who you serve, how you fit into the marketplace, and what makes you different

  • Visual Identity – Developing your look, your logo, and the way audiences visually consume your brand

Content Creation

Creating content for the Web is a mix of art and science. We capture your brand voice to engage your audience while prioritizing search engine optimization.

  • Website Content – Insuring your audiences find your products and services online

  • Brand Voice – Speaking to your audience authentically and benefits-focused

  • Long Format – Creating long format content to tell a story, educate, or inspire

Website Development

We create websites that are focused on achieving the maximum return on investment by designing for the user, creating content that is conversion driven and optimized for search, and providing clients with a flexible and stable technology platform.

  • Usability – Developing sites with the user in mind to maximize conversion and create a seamless experience

  • Design – Creating an online portrayal of your brand that speaks to your users

  • Development – WordPress development tailored to your functionality and content management needs

Digital and Traditional Media Strategy

Based on the goals of the client, we develop and manage media spend for both traditional and online campaigns to ensure the proper media mix for success.

  • Digital Media – Implementing campaigns across search, social, programmatic, and re-targeting

  • Traditional Media – Insuring audience targeting through broadcast, print, and out-of-home

  • Production – Creating quality, branded assets that resonate with your audiences

Search Engine Optimization

Using latest industry data and tools, Porterhouse creates and executes SEO tactics and content to ensure your business is seen online when a user is searching for your products and services.

  • Content Strategy – Developing content that is keyword focused and valuable to your users

  • Best in Class Tools – Monitoring your SEO success to notice trends, opportunities, and threats

  • Technical SEO – Improving your website code to support optimal SEO

Sales Strategy Consulting

We work with clients to improve tactics of sales teams, create systems and accountability, identify opportunities of growth, and create inbound and outbound strategies.

  • Sales Consulting – Reviewing current practices and devising strategies to increase close ratios

  • Sales Training – Working with sales teams to grow skill sets and capitalize on opportunity

  • Sales and Marketing – Creating inbound and outbound marketing campaigns that increase lead flow


Harnessing her expertise in communications and messaging, coupled with a career managing teams and clients, Sarah has developed several topics that can be condensed into a keynote or expanded for a two or four-hour workshop.

  • Crucial Conversations – Learn how to have better, more productive conversations when stakes are high

  • Set Marketing Goals that Make Business Sense – Replace marketing blah-blah with metrics that matter to clients

  • 3 Pillars of Clear Communication – Learn the 3 pillars of establishing clear communication and consistent expectation setting

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